Aug 14, 2014 NGN Connect By

GCC. Not Your Average ISP.

We are a member-owned cooperative.

As a cooperative instead of a corporation, GCC customers are both members and owners of the company. Every member has a voice in how the cooperative is run. The Board of Directors is democratically elected by members, allowing the co-op to continue its focus on quality service versus profits to distant shareholders.

We’re a non-profit.

It’s simple. All GCC profits are returned to its members and its community either through payouts or reinvestment in improved products, more service options, and community broadband initiatives.

We innovate new ways to make our members happy, not new ways to make money.

Fiber broadband networks like the one that powers GCC and Trailwave offer the fastest, most reliable and secure Internet connection available. Recently added services include secure data back-up, hosted video surveillance, VoIP telephone, and other hosted solutions for residents and businesses. As a member-owner of the co-op, you’ll be able to voice your support for the services that are important to you and your family.

We are community-minded.

Co-ops work for the sustainable development of their communities. GCC has partnered with the North Georgia Network and Habersham EMC to provide local school systems, hospitals and local governments with a fiber backbone, and now HEMC and GCC are bringing previously unthinkable bandwidth to the community.

Our customer support is local.

Our Internet service can connect you to anywhere in the world, but when you need help, you want it from someone who really knows and cares where you’re coming from. GCC’s Internet products and services run on a locally-controlled network and are managed by people who live and work right here in North Georgia. Customer service horror stories are common in our industry, but with GCC, you will always get responsive and reliable customer service from people right here in our community.