A network can do more than just Netflix.

GCC’s super-fast network can do so much more than Netflix. The University of North Georgia announced recently an exciting new project that will virtually connect high school students in rural North Georgia communities to classes at the university. The network speed can accommodate simultaneous video conferencing between the university and up to 10 schools.

This is huge, not just for the students, but for all of North Georgia. Katherine Hughes of the Community College Research Center at Columbia University told U.S. News and World Report that while dual enrollment is a great opportunity for high achieving students, it can actually be most beneficial for students who aren’t on the college track. The ability to try out college while still in high school can deter an at-risk student from dropping out. When more North Georgia citizens become college educated, the entire region benefits.

Here’s what UNG President Bonita Jacobs had to say at the press event:

“This technology and the K-12 educational exchange makes it possible for us to deliver courses remotely to high school students, shortening the time it takes to complete their degree,” Jacobs said. “Students in communities in close proximity to university campuses have been able to do this for years. Our ability to deliver these same courses online removes geographical barriers and provides that same opportunity for students here and in surrounding communities.”

Read the full article on Access North Georgia.

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