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Partnership with BalsamWest creates new direct route

NGN is proud to announce an interconnection partnership with BalsamWest FiberNet to create a new direct carrier-grade network path between Knoxville, Tennessee and Atlanta, Georgia.

Knoxville to Atlanta Fiber Optic Route

The new alternate path creates a low latency, more direct route between Knoxville and Atlanta.

The resulting transport network path allows direct connection between carrier exchanges at Digital Crossing in Knoxville and Telx in downtown Atlanta without routing through other cities like Chattanooga or Nashville. By bypassing traditional hubs, this alternative, diverse route offers low latency.

The combined network provides DWDM transport services from 1Gbps to multiple 10Gbps waves.

“NGN hopes to meet the demand of Atlanta-based customers and carriers to bypass traditional, high traffic routes through Chattanooga,” says CEO Paul Belk, “this is especially critical for applications requiring non-oversubscribed connection, which may include enterprise customers, data centers, wireless backhaul, and telecom carriers.”

BalsamWest is a fiber-based facilities carrier headquartered in Silva, North Carolina, traversing some of the most rugged terrain in the U.S.  BalsamWest has over 400 miles of fiber optic network spanning the Appalachians, forming a natural HUB for Carriers going North, South, East and West.

“We’ve always focused on offering next generation carrier-grade infrastructure throughout our Appalachian Mountain network,”  says Terri McElroy, BalsamWest CEO, “This partnership with NGN allows us to further enhance the diversity and redundancy of network routes available to our carriers and enterprise customers throughout the entire southeast.”

This low latency network is ideal for high bandwidth applications, mission critical data transfer and storage, and carrier transport.

Interested carriers can contact us  or  706-754-5323.


About BalsamWest FiberNet
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