Aug 1, 2016 General By

As part of NGN’s commitment to the growth of its Members, NGN recently provided two of HEMC’s employees with Basic Tower Climbing Safety and Rescue training through ComTrain, for the purpose of maintaining HEMC’s wireless assets.  Phil Hogan and Ronnie Turpin (pictured below) completed two days of training: one in the classroom and one in the field.

The ComTrain course teaches new and experienced climbers how to climb safely, descend with various descent tools and perform a rescue, and is based on OSHA regulations and ANSI standards.

The course was taught by NGN employee Brandon Tarpley (also pictured).  Brandon received his ComTrain Competent Climber Certification in 2015 and became an Authorized “In-House Instructor” of the course after finishing further training.

NGN provides a variety of in-house training as a benefit to its members.  HEMC purchased wireless assets and customers in Habersham and White counties from NGN Connect in late 2015.  This certification will allow HEMC employees to properly and safely climb the towers needed to service this wireless equipment.

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