fiber network alliance

The Fiber Network Owners Alliance (FNA) recently held its third annual conference at Lake Lanier Islands, Georgia. The event was a success, with attendance jumping to nearly double that of the year before. The strong attendance and overall success of the event are indicative of the growth the FNA has experienced since its inception two years ago.

The FNA is a strategic alliance of public and private organizations focused on aligning their fiber network resources for the purpose of providing broadband to the local areas they collectively serve. The Alliance also acts as a “check and balance” to larger organizations within the industry. Established in 2015, NGN was one of FNA’s 23 Charter Members, who together represented over 70,000 combined network miles spanning 28 states. Since then, the organization’s membership has grown to include 42 small to mid-sized networks with over 108,000 combined network miles.

This year’s conference covered a range of topics presented by several well-known industry leaders, including Phillip Van Hooser, President of VanHooser Associates; Larry Thompson, CEO of Vantage Point; and Brett Kilbourne, VP and Deputy General Counsel of the Utilities Telecom Council. Cam Lanier, Chairman and CEO of ITC Holding Company, delivered the keynote, sharing entrepreneurial lessons he has learned throughout his highly successful career in investment and telecom.

FNA was honored to host two members of the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) -Commissioner Mignon Clyburn and Nick Degani, Senior Wireline Legal Advisor to FCC Chairman Ajit Pai. During her presentation, Commissioner Clyburn expressed appreciation for the small networks that are investing in rural areas and improving connectivity for their citizens.

NGN is very proud to be part of such an outstanding organization and looks forward to celebrating its continued growth!

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