Rick Wood

NGN Director

Owner – Wash Resources Inc., Owner - Woodlawn Farms Inc.

HEMC Director

4Rick Wood lives in Clarkesville, a rural community in northeast Georgia with his wife of 36 years and their children. His passions have led him to become a community leader, as he has fought to bring technology and infrastructure to rural America.

Rick’s primary occupation is Founder and President of Snappy Premium Express Wash, a computer driven brushless car wash operation, which now spans Georgia and South Carolina and is a multi-million dollar family-owned enterprise. This, along with his other leadership roles has provided him with extensive experience with the SBA, RUS, US Department of Commerce, and private lending institutions like CoBank.

Rick’s career in many different industry sectors serves as a testimony to his qualifications:

6135 State Hwy. 115
Clarkesville, GA 30523