IMG_3437 (2)The Little School, a preschool located in Clarkesville, GA, recently gave its students a thrill by participating in a distance learning event from The Center for Puppetry Arts. Located approximately 80 miles from The Little School, an in person visit to The Center for Puppetry Arts would have required tiring travel for the young students. Luckily, The Little School had the Education Exchange powered by NGN at its disposal and was able to stream the event live from its campus to the delight of the preschoolers and teachers.

The Little School streamed “The Little Red Hen & the Grain of Wheat”, one of The Center for Puppetry Arts’ Pre-K focused live interactive performances. In this performance, puppeteer Jeffrey Zwartjes uses colorful hand puppets to tell the story of a hen who finds a grain of wheat. She wants to harvest the wheat but none of the other barnyard animals will help her, so she decides to do it all herself.  Lessons of hard work, responsibility, sharing and helping your neighbor ring true in this timeless tale. Students had the opportunity to participate in a live Q&A with the puppeteer after the performance.

“It’s truly rewarding to see the Education Exchange positively impact the education of Georgia’s youth from pre-school through high school,” said Michael Foor, VP of Marketing at NGN. “This is just one example of how our technology is giving children amazing learning opportunities that they would previously not have access to due to geographic restrictions. We are constantly on the lookout for new and enticing ways for students to benefit from Education Exchange. We’re very excited for the future of this technology.”