Helpful Hints – Rebooting a Router:

The first part of our Helpful Hints series on our YouTube channel. 

In this video, NGN Technical Support Team member, Tyler Holsonback, walks us through the easy steps of rebooting a router. Restarting your router periodically can help to clear out digital clutter and allow your internet to run more smoothly.

Interview with NGN’s Michael Foor:

Leveraging EMC and Municipality Infrastructure to Support Rural Broadband 

Michael Foor, Vice President of Market & Member Services for NGN, shares how NGN was launched using the infrastructure resources of Habersham EMC and Blue Ridge EMC. He also explains how NGN works with municipalities and electric co-ops (EMCs) to leverage the excess capacity on their networks to bring gigabit connectivity to rural communities.


Interview with Wilbanks Middle School Principal, Marybeth Thomas:

The NGN Education Exchange in Action 

Principal Marybeth Thomas shares how her school’s teachers are using videoconferencing technology supported by the Education Exchange to enhance curriculum with virtual field trips and more.


Community Roundtable Discussion:

Georgia Gigabit Communities

NGN’s President & CEO Paul Belk joins Charlie Auvermann, Executive Director of Dawson County Development Authority, and Tim Martin, Executive Director of Stephens County Development Authority to talk about how Georgia communities are benefiting from the gigabit connectivity NGN provides.


Education Roundtable Discussion:

Empowering Education through Broadband

NGN’s President & CEO Paul Belk joins a panel of education professionals to discuss the challenges and opportunities presented by high-speed broadband connectivity in schools.


Interview with NGN’s President Paul Belk:

NGN’s History and Q4 2015 News 

In this interview, Paul Belk, President & CEO of NGN, discusses NGN’s history, network coverage, differentiating factors, latest news and relationship to the Fiber Network Owners Alliance (FNA)


Healthcare Industry Roundtable Discussion:

Playing Doctor: The State of the Nationwide Healthcare Network

NGN’s President & CEO Paul Belk joins an executive panel to discuss how healthcare systems have evolved with the introduction of mobility, telemedicine and cloud services, and what challenges they see IT teams facing in the healthcare industry. The group also discusses how rural communities and hospitals are benefiting from the introduction of telemedicine and how telecom providers support these telemedicine programs.


NGN Lights Second Core Point-of-Presence in Lumpkin County: 

The NGN team celebrates the lighting of the network’s second C-PoP with government officials and key stakeholders from Lumpkin County in the following two videos.

NGN is joined by Georgia Lieutenant Governor Casey Cagle and Georgia State Senator Steve Gooch, as well as leaders from the National Telecommunications Information Administration (NCIA), Lumpkin County Schools, Lumpkin County Development Authority, North Georgia College & State University, and Habersham EMC.



CNN iReport Coverage of NGN’s First Core Point-of-Presence Ceremony:

In this CNN report, NGN lights the network’s first C-PoP in White County, Georgia. The video includes interviews with executives from NGN, White County Community & Economic Development, White County Schools, and Habersham EMC.


Opening Ceremony for NGN’s First Core Point-of-Presence in White County, Georgia – February 21, 2012:

The NGN team celebrates the network’s first ever C-PoP and the birth of the network. Special remarks are made by leaders of NGN, Habersham EMC, the White County Commission, White County Community & Economic Development, and OneGeorgia Authority.