Healthcare at the Speed of Light

As new medical technologies develop, the availability of high-speed, secure Internet becomes increasingly important. On the NGN fiber optic network, hospitals, clinics and doctors’ offices are able to connect, communicate and operate faster and more efficiently. That means better access to healthcare for rural Georgians.

NGN’s infrastructure supports the latest standards for data transfer and security. Our network enables health care providers to create dependable, HIPAA-compliant private networks with world-class transfer speeds. Further, our members’ healthcare-grade Internet service provides the high bandwidth and low latency connections required to implement rural telehealth programs and more.

Here are some of the ways the NGN network is changing healthcare in our communities:

  • Healthcare providers can quickly download and share medical images, videos and multimedia files
  • Patient records are now portable on NGN’s secure network
  • The network supports bandwidth-hungry applications like online wellness programs, medical testing, and mobile apps for on-the-go doctors and nurses
  • Real-time, two-way video is supported. Rural clinics can instantly communicate with larger hospitals, and patients can receive in-home health monitoring over video
  • Patients in isolated communities can still see a doctor without driving to another town
  • Shared knowledge, training and resources for healthcare professionals, medical research centers and care centers becomes easily accessible via web video conferencing and file exchange

Administrative and claims-related tasks can be completed more efficiently, increasing reimbursement turnaround time and freeing up staff for more patient-focused tasks.

Faster lab results can mean faster diagnosis and response. When healthcare facilities and doctor’s offices are connected to powerful bandwidth with high capacity and guaranteed reliability, patients get better care.