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Connecting Businesses to Productivity & Scale No Matter the Industry

Whatever your business, lack of connectivity, downtime and buffering keep you from growing. Your Internet service provider should ensure that you can stay on top of your business, wherever you are.

NGN brings the kind of high-speed connectivity and capacity you need to not only improve your business’ productivity, but also give your employees the opportunity to use the Web more creatively and without limits.

Instant video streaming lets you communicate with clients, customers, consultants, and remote employees from anywhere in real time. Internet-connected crops can stream their real-time nutrient level. Credit card transactions can go through fast, every time. Your business can take full advantage of online software and cloud-based business tools that will help your company tackle competition.

Whatever your industry, we have the connectivity and capacity to help you grow, and our members provide hosted solutions that include video monitoring, VOIP phone and teleconferencing, data storage and backup service, and co-location.

Making The Fiber Investment

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Customer Testimonial

“I just wanted to drop a quick note to let you know how much I appreciate the courtesy and kindness of the crew that came and installed the cable last week. I was very impressed with them. Their care, not only for myself, but for our office meant so much to me. They left the area they were working in cleaner than it was when they arrived. It doesn’t happen often these days but I would have to say that they went far above and beyond their scope of responsibilities. You should be very proud to have them working for you.”

– Jeanne Rish, Mountain View Dentistry